Senior Scientist, Immune Oncology高级科学家

US Discovery
San Francisco Bay Area

Zai Lab is seeking a cancer immunologist to drive validation of novel targets and explore activity, mechanism of action, and rational combinations for preclinical and clinical therapeutic molecules. The successful candidate will be a member of a fast-paced and interactive research team contributing to the discovery and development of novel therapeutics. 

Organizational Relationships:

The Sr Scientist reports to the Head of Discovery Biology and Translational Medicine, and collaborates with Medicinal Chemistry, in vivo Pharmacology, and DMPK.


- Develop, design, execute and validate various in vitro and ex vivo model systems/assays to drive preclinical drug discovery and define mechanism of action of therapeutic molecules in the area of immune oncology

- Evaluate and characterize pharmacological responses to novel compounds in variety of in vitro and ex-vivo model systems (e.g. effects on composition/functions of the tumor microenvironment)

- Perform day-to-day laboratory bench work and present scientific findings/results internally and externally

- Provide experimental support and immunology expertise for validation of targets  and drug discovery and development projects

- Provide immunology expertise for the design of preclinical biomarker studies (pharmacodynamic, response, etc.)

- Search, evaluate and adopt the latest methodology/ technology to advance preclinical immuno-oncology research

- Execute experiments and scientific tasks with a high level of independence and scientific rigor

- Manage internal and external (academic and contract research organizations) resources to deliver quality data in an efficient manner

- Contribute to building a culture that embraces continuous learning and improvement and disease biology expertise; take a proactive role in scientific development and personal growth


- immunology or cancer immunology, with relevant post-doctoral research experience in the field of immuno-oncology

- Demonstrated proficiency in broad range of experimental techniques

- Ability to work with minimum supervision in generating experimental hypothesis, designing and executing experiments, data analysis and interpretation.

- Proficiency in multi-color flow-cytometry platforms and multiplex Luminex/MSD ELISA is required.

- Experience in immune cell profiling and in vitro manipulations such as, but not limited to, immune cell differentiation, activation and suppression, is required

- Expertise in CRISPR- and/or shRNA mediated gene editing

- Experience with gene expression analysis, western blot, immuno-fluorescence, IHC is preferred

- Strong communication skills

- Ability to work collaboratively in a cross-functional team setting

- Strong track record of productivity, as evidenced by driving project forward and robust publications

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Research Associate/Senior Research Associate- Translational Medicine

US Discovery
San Francisco Bay Area

We are seeking a Research Associate/Sr. Research Associate to join our Translational Medicine group and contribute to building pre-clinical translational hypotheses to guide patient selection and drug combinations with Zai's clinical pipeline. The incumbent will play a role in supporting development of pre-clinical models and biomarker discovery for our clinical pipelines.

This position reports to our Principal Scientist, Translational Medicine.


- Contribute to positioning our cancer therapeutics in right patient selection based on pre-clinical translational hypotheses

- Support development of pre-clinical models and biomarker discovery to establish best patient selection strategy for our clinical trials

- Support Translational Medicine efforts for the large/small molecule pipelines and Zai's clinical assets

- Perform routine assays (luminescence/fluorescence assay, qPCR, ELISA, cloning, cytotoxicity assay, western blot, immune staining, confocal microscope, gene knockdown/knockout, flow cytometer, cell culture)

- Process human biological samples

- Maintain/update sample/cell database

- Analyze data from experiments and present the data at a meeting


- BS in a scientific discipline and a minimum of 2-5 years' related laboratory experience, or MS with 0-2 years' experience

- Broad training/experience in   Molecular/Cell Biology including but not limited to cell culture, DNA/RNA extraction, PCR/qPCR, ELISA, and primary cell isolation/culture is required

- Experience in the field of tumor biology is highly desirable, including hands-on experience with functional characterization of large/small molecules in vitro/ex vivo

- Experience in immunology/immune oncology is a huge plus

- Experience with human biological samples such as PBMC and in multi-color flow cytometer for characterization of human immune cells is preferred

- Demonstrated success in designing, conducting, and analyzing data with minimal supervision, as evidenced by a robust track record of productivity by advancing therapeutic programs

- Strong communication and collaboration skills, and capability to conduct research in fast-paced, cross-functional team environment

- Ability to interpret data clearlyand concisely both verbally and visually in presentations

- Ability to handle multiple tasks

- High integrity and desire to discover and develop transformational medicines for patients

If you are interested in this position, please send an email with your resume to



Senior/Principal Scientist, DNA Damage Response高级/资深科学家

US Discovery
San Francisco Bay Area

Position Purpose:

To lead biology efforts for projects in the area of DNA damage response.  This team will play a critical role in target validation/the drug discovery and development process to ensure delivery of high-quality small molecule compounds with well-characterized mechanism of action.

Organizational Relationships:

Reports to the Head of Discovery Biology and Translational Medicine. This position requires extensive collaboration with Medicinal Chemistry, In vivo Pharmacology and DMPK

Resources Managed:

Oversight of direct reports and outsourcing activities

Primary Duties:

- Oversee activities in support of target validation/early drug discovery projects

- Contribute to define screening funnel for drug discovery projects

- Direct studies aimed at characterizing mechanism of action of lead small molecules

- Manage internal and external (academic and contract research organizations) resources to deliver quality data in an efficient manner

- Contribute to building a culture that embraces continuous learning and improvement, increasing technical skill base and disease biology expertise; take a proactive role in personal growth and scientific development

Qualifications & Prior Experience:

- PhD in Biochemistry or Cellular & Molecular Biology with an educational focus in cancer research and DNA damage response

- At least 3 years for Senior or 5 years for Principal Scientist role of experience in academia and/or pharmaceutical industry

- Strong understanding of key components and process of drug discovery

- Expert in biochemical assays, cell-based assays, RNAi and methodologies to support structure-activity relationship and target validation

- Demonstrated ability to work independently and supervise direct reports

- Strong communication skills and ability to work effectively in a multidisciplinary team environment

- Proven track record of productivity, as evidenced by driving projects forward and robust publications

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Principal Scientist/Associate Director, Bioinformatics/Computational Biology资深科学家/副总监

US Discovery
San Francisco Bay Area

Primary Function:
We are seeking an innovative computational biologist to drive Zai Laboratory's bioinformatic efforts from early drug discovery through late stage development.  The successful candidate will apply machine learning, network analysis, and other cutting-edge bioinformatic methodologies and leverage large, multi-omic datasets to identify new targets, develop patient stratification strategies, and help guide the development of Zai's clinical pipeline. 
Major Responsibilities and Duties:

- Lead computational efforts on multi-disciplinary teams, and apply cutting-edge computational approaches to gain maximum insights from large, multi-omic pre-clinical, clinical, and real-world datasets

- Collaborate with cancer biologists, immunologists, chemists, statisticians, and develop computational strategies and build tools for target discovery, patient stratification, and development of pharmacodynamic and predictive genomic signatures

- Effectively communicate findings at internal and external meetings


- Ph.D. in computational biology, engineering, statistics, cancer biology, immunology, genetics, or similar field, with 5+ years of experience

- Extensive expertise in programming using languages such as R or Python and analysis of multi-dimensional genomic and/or proteomic datasets, particularly transcriptome-wide data from pre-clinical, and ideally, clinical samples

- Strong track record of systematically evaluating and prioritizing multiple hypotheses using bioinformatic approaches both independently and collaborativel

- Excellent problem-solving and collaboration skills

- Strong communication, data presentation, and visualization skills

- A strong background in oncology and/or immuno-oncology is highly desired

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TTFields Sales Executive肿瘤电场治疗销售代表

TTField Business Unit (HK)
Hong Kong

Job Overview

We are looking for a competitive pharmaceutical sales representative who can thrive in a fast-paced business environment. The pharmacy sales rep will act as the key link between our company and healthcare professionals and you will aim at meeting sales targets.

Responsibilities and Duties

-  Promote key products to current and potential clients in HA & private Sectors

-  Achieve product and company sales targets and business objectives

-  Establish and implement sales plans according to overall sales and marketing strategies

-  Identify opportunities for new business

-  Develop and maintain rapport relationships with KOLs and key accounts, with clear prioritization and focus

-  Support new product launches and other PR / marketing programs and activities 

-  Effectively utilize sales tools and provide high quality in-service / product demo to familiarize customer product usage

-  Perform case follow-up

-  Gather market intelligence and feedback on a regular basis

-  Ensure adherence to company policies, procedures and business ethics

-  Perform ad hoc projects as required


-  University graduate, preferably degree holder in science related discipline

-  At least 5 years of sales experience in pharmaceutical or healthcare industry, with 2 years in Oncology field is   highly preferred

-  Outgoing, patient and friendly character with strong communication and problem-solving skills

-  Fluent Cantonese & good English

-  Good team player

-  Proactive, motivated and committed self-starter

-  Proven sales track record


Medical Affairs Manager / Associate Manager医学事务经理/副经理

Medical Affairs
Hong Kong

Job Overview

Works with team head to execute medical affairs strategies and complete medical affairs projects cope with our upcoming pipeline launches.  Focus of responsibilities can be on any part of the product lifecycle from research through the on-market phase. Activities can include development of key medical and research contacts across a variety of disease state areas, development and implementation of clinical study protocols, development and execution of clinical studies, medical input/support for product development, medical support for customer inquiries and medical assessment of on market product issues. Must be able to review, synthesize data clearly and present conclusions to medical directors. Will need to be able to work independently, within an internal cross functional team and with external partners.

Responsibilities and Duties

KOL Management & Medical Support:

1. Contributes to mapping / profiling of KOLs/decision makers in line with segmentation.

2. Develop professional relationships, with KOLs/decision makers.

3. Collect, analyze and report insights that may impact Zai Lab development plans /trial designs.

4. Provide and discuss scientific information and data to healthcare professionals to ensure quality and accuracy of medical and scientific information on new treatment options including Zai Lab products and selected areas of therapeutic interest.

5. Liaise and provide up-to-date medical support to relevant external groups to facilitate listing of products in medical guidelines, formularies to impact pricing and health-economic discussions.

6. Provide speaker training to health care professionals to support the best use of new therapies developed and commercialized by Zai Lab.

7. Compliance: Ensure products are all comply with all applicable laws and local/global safety responsibilities

8. Assist the Corporate Communication in handling media issues & enquiries, particularly those medically related.

9. Assist and enhance the generation of high quality, impactful publications and collateral material that conform to the appropriate standards and regulations

10. Support implementation of pre-launch studies for PI and site selection.

Clinical Development Support:

1. Contribute to the identification of appropriate clinical investigators and facilitates placement into Zai Lab sponsored clinical trials.

2. Support the investigational sites, as needed, as part of a cross-functional team with Clinical Operation and the Medical Advisor and others as appropriate.

3. Identify clinical investigators with research proposals that are consistent with our product development strategies and facilitate the Investigator-Initiated Trials (IIT) process including study completion, presentation, and publication, as appropriate.

4. Support the investigators to comply with the IIT process in accordance with the guidelines, providing knowledge and guidance for legal and financial local regulations, as appropriate.

Information Management/Insights:

1. Collaborate with Zai Lab colleagues to actively support medical and scientific meetings by collecting and interpreting insights /presentations/ results.

2. Evaluate the impact of competitive information to share internally and externally as post-meeting deliverables.

Internal Support:

1. Provide medical support and training (i.e. disease state and product) to Zai Lab colleagues (e.g. sales reps, CRAs, etc.).

2. Screen business opportunities.

3. Serve as a resource for projects and collaborate with internal colleagues.

4. Collaborate with Medical Teams and other cross-functional groups (i.e. Business Franchise Teams, Market Access).


1. University graduate in medical science, pharmacy, pharmacology or related discipline.

2. At least 3 years' experience in medical affairs in pharmaceutical industry.

3. Knowledgeable of regulatory and compliance regulations and guidelines relevant to the industry

4. Prior experience establishing and maintaining long term relationships with customers and key thought leaders through scientific engagement

5. Experience to delivering effective, high quality scientific presentations and communicate scientific data to both internal and external customers

6. Ability to work in a fast paced and dynamic environment

7. Ability to participate with others as a member of the team to ensure that demanding and difficult projects are handled smoothly and cooperatively to enhance the success of the projects and maintain strong relationships within all parts of the company.

8. Strong communication and presentation skills

9. Self-starter

    a)  Driven to perform

    b)  Self-directed: needs little explicit direction

10. Able to organize, prioritize, and delegate tasks to efficiently move projects forward.


Senior Manager, Medical Information高级经理,医学信息

Medical Affairs

Major Responsibilities and Duties:

1.Working with team to contribute for professional information strategy development.

2.Making alignment of professional information strategy, plans and activities within organizations.

3.Be responsible for budget tracking and reporting to the relevant MI issues. Monitor timeline and manage project to conclusion and implementation.

4.Provide medical information and literature search for KOLs, HCPs and internal customers, analysis literature request to provide insight for medical and business plan.

5.Competitive Intelligence surveillance, analysis and timely report, provide CI information for medical and business decision and plan.

6.Lead digital medical service for internal and external customers.Any other responsibilities and duties which may be required from time to time.


1.Bachelor and above degree. Academic background with a medical related degree is preferred.

2.5+ yrs working experience on medicine, pharmacy or pharmaceutical industries.

3.Familiar with the medical information work.

4.Good time management.

5.Good collaborative skills.

6.Good computer using skills.Fluency in both written & spoken English.


(Senior) Marketing Manager(高级)市场经理

ONCO Marketing

Primary Function:

As a key person in Central Marketing Function, you will be working on the analysis on central market for the business potential and opportunity by central level. Accordingly, you will develop Optune marketing plan and effectively communicate with KOLs and sales team to make sure it is appropriate to the market. Besides, you will be executing on marketing activities like VIP events and any other society congress with good budget control with the developing and maintaining of Optune KOLs and speakers.

Major Responsibilities and Duties:

1.Support OPTUNE Launch Lead in developing and executing pre-launch and launch strategies and plan execution for the GBM Neurosurgery/Radiation/Oncology Department.

2.Use a broad set of channels (e.g. surveys, field visits, KOL relationships) to gather deep customer insights to gain holistic understanding of the patient journey and what motivates and drivers customer behavior.

3.Develop brand strategy including positioning & marketing messages and communication materials that are consistent with the product positioning and product strategy.

4.Develop creative product/brand campaigns/GBM neurosurgery platforms reinforcing the positioning and SoV.

5.Understand and track national KOLs’ opinions and develop neurosurgery department advocates for TTF treatment.Collaborate with sales team to deliver the sales revenue align with the budget.


1.Bachelor degree or above on pharmaceutical, clinical medicine or clinical medicine related with outstanding English.
2.At least 5 years working experience in pharmaceutical company with marketing GBM related area is preferred.

3.At least 3 years in TA of ONCO or specific drug.

4.Marketing experiences with top 10 pharmaceutical company would be highly preferred.

5.Excellent market analytical & problems’ solving skills with Strong planning skill.

6.High logicality with quick learning capabilities and a good work ethic with strong communication and interpersonal skills.Capability to work under pressure & perform duties with high quality timely.